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Preserving health and autonomy
and quality
of life for seniors

Telehealth rethought by and for seniors and those who support them on a daily basis

Partner of the Regroupement Québecois des résidences pour aînés

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Discover CARE+

Discover CARE

Identify as early as possible the frail elderly people in loss of autonomy to avoid, delay, slow down their decline

Evaluation and recommendation

How CARE identifies frailty in seniors before it's too late

CARE follow-up

How telehealth monitoring helps seniors age successfully

Our Mission

Our mission is to accompany seniors towards successful aging, that is, healthy, independent and with a good quality of life, using intelligent telehealth as a support.

CARE application

The solution that gives seniors the power to take control of their health.

Designed specifically for seniors living in residences or supported at home by Community Networks: CARE is the intelligent digital solution for better health, independence and quality of life.

World Health Organization

The WHO recommends the use of self-administered questionnaires (such as CARE) to assess and monitor the health and independence of the senior.

Our team

A team united around a common goal: to promote successful aging through innovative telehealth tools.

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