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Identify as early as possible the frail elderly people in loss of autonomy to avoid, delay, slow down their decline

Towards preserved health and independence for seniors, solutions for people living in Residences for the Elderly (RPA) or part of a community network.


You have observed that some people :

It is therefore important to quickly implement specific actions to avoid a decline in their health and autonomy.

Accurately assess their state of fragility and take action with CARE.

provides recommendations for aging
healthy and independent

CARE is a digital platform made up of several interactive questionnaires for seniors' residences and community networks. Each questionnaire provides an objective assessment of the senior's health and autonomy, as well as information and recommendations.


CARE informs the senior and all those who work with him or her of the type and severity of the alteration in his or her physical, mental or social health, as well as his or her actual level of independence.

Evaluate, Inform and Act

CARE allows for a better characterization of the health and independence of seniors living in Residence or supported at home by Community Networks and provides clear information to allow for a better understanding of their health and independence. increased awareness of one's own health. CARE offers personalized and easy-to-implement recommendations to enable seniors to stay healthy, independent and with a good quality of life for longer.

Evaluate, Inform and Act

CARE allows regular monitoring based on the comparison of measurements to characterize the evolution over time of health and autonomy of the senior and to act accordingly if an anomaly is detected.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accompany seniors towards successful aging, that is, healthy, independent and with a good quality of life, using intelligent telehealth as a support.

Why use CARE?

CARE allows you to:

How does CARE work?

Based on the senior's answers to the questionnaires, the CARE algorithm calculates different scores and proposes a personalized action plan, based on recommendations, in order to maintain his or her health and autonomy. This action plan allows to:


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