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CARE follow-up

How telehealth monitoring helps seniors age successfully

When the health status of the seniors you accompany changes rapidly and you do not have enough resources to carry out an adapted and regular follow-up, decline is inevitable.

CARE tracking gives you the evolution over time of their health status and the ability to prevent and fight, i.e. delay and slow down the decline.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accompany seniors towards successful aging, that is, healthy, independent and with a good quality of life, using intelligent telehealth as a support.

How do I use the CARE Tracker?

What kind of follow-ups with this application?

Individual follow-up: personalizing and adapting the accompaniment of the senior to allow him/her to stay longer in his/her living environment. Is the changing health and independence of your clients important to you and your organization? CARE allows you to develop a relationship of trust between your organization and the senior by better meeting their needs and expectations through a better understanding of who they are and how they evolve over time. Indeed, thanks to the creation by CARE of an evolving profile of the senior, you can adapt your services and care offer. This ensures that you can offer relevant and effective services to your clientele, thus providing personalized support. Attractive for a future clientele, this proposal of accompaniment also represents a valorization of your organization near your current customers. The implementation of such a partnership mechanism between the senior and your organization is the best way to promote the maintenance of health and autonomy of your clientele, with the ultimate goal of delaying the change of living environment as much as possible. Collective follow-up: thanks to our algorithm, CARE offers the possibility of following the evolution of health and autonomy for a person and for a group of people. Thanks to our algorithm, CARE offers the possibility to follow the evolution of health and autonomy for a person and for a group of people. This comparative follow-up allows you to obtain valuable indicators to improve the services and care you offer, but also to optimize them according to the general profile of your clientele. For example, if you notice a decline in one of our indicators, you can plan the implementation of additional targeted workshops and offer them to your clients.  With this CARE feature, you will be able to:

These indicators also allow you to implement a health prevention strategy within your organization, corresponding to the needs of seniors, thus improving the working conditions of your personnel.

Follow-up of your clientele within several establishments: develop a global and concerted prevention strategy.

As a multi-facility senior living group, you can also track the health status of seniors within each facility you manage.

With the implementation of the CARE solution, you will have a global vision that will allow you to efficiently determine investment and development strategies for your service and care offering.

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