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Why iTeQ

Quebec: a model of aging for all. It is up to us to act together!


of Quebec seniors live in a residence for seniors

84 %

of Quebec seniors are frail

67 %

increase in demand for residences within 10 years. 150,000 seniors live there today, they will be 250,000 in 2030

Seniors represent approximately 1 million
of people in Quebec.

Their involvement in the spheres of social life is an invaluable contribution to the vitality of Quebec society. This commitment requires to be autonomous and active and depends on the physical and mental health of the senior. Indeed the alteration of health leads to a loss of autonomy - i.e. the inability to perform acts of daily living - which results in social isolation and the use of supportive services and care to remain at home or in seniors' residences. Seniors are the most exposed to loss of autonomy, social isolation and high consumption of health and social services such as home support services and care. The main reason is the fragility of their health due to the accumulation of chronic illnesses that generate disabilities and therefore loss of autonomy. 84% of seniors in Quebec have at least one chronic disease and one in ten report a disability that causes them to need help with daily activities.

Without resources to compensate for a loss of autonomy, the senior becomes more fragile and risks losing his or her place and social role, and experiencing a deterioration in his or her condition and quality of life, which may lead to the impossibility of continuing to live at home, whether in a personal home or a residence for seniors.

By helping to improve health and independence and thus prevent or delay the loss of capacity, empowerment responds to the population's desire for healthier aging.

World Health Organization

If aging is to be a positive thing, then longer life must also be accompanied by opportunities to be healthy, to participate and to be safe.


of Canadians believe that virtual health care is the future of medicine

67 %

of Canadians hope to be more proactive in managing their own and their loved ones' care through digital medicine

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